K-12 Vision and Outcomes

K-12 vision and outcomes: Solving the education problems money can’t fix

Nov. 30, 2016

The success of The Seattle Times LiveWire event series continued with “K-12 visions and outcomes: Solving the education problems money can’t fix,” an enlightening forum about improving outcomes for Washington’s public school students to prepare them for graduation, college and the workforce.

Event Speakers


Jeff Charbonneau  

Jeff Charbonneau, 2013 National Teacher of the Year, teaches science at Zillah High School, where he has helped create STEM offerings enabling students to earn college credit.


Susan Enfield, Ed.D.  

Dr. Enfield is currently superintendent for Highline Public Schools, which promises to know each student by name, strength and need, and prepare graduates for college, career and citizenship.


Steve Litzow  

Washington State Senator Steve Litzow represents the 41st Legislative District and serves as chairman of the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee. He spearheaded passage of the Early Start Act.


Steve Mullin  

Steve Mullin is president of the Washington Roundtable, an organization of private sector executives that works to effect positive change on policy issues, including ensuring that students are prepared for college and career.


Eric Pettigrew  

Washington State Representative Eric Pettigrew has worked to promote economic development, create affordable housing and expand educational opportunities for every child in Washington, regardless of race or economic status.


Shelley Redinger, Ph.D.  

Dr. Redinger is the superintendent of Spokane Public Schools and a Spokane native. Her focus is on preparing every student for post-secondary success through innovative and evidence-based practices.


Mia Tuan, Ph.D.  

Dr. Tuan is dean of the University of Washington College of Education, which is dedicated to partnering with schools and communities to make learning come alive for all students.


Michael Fancher   

After 30 years at The Seattle Times, including 20 as executive editor, Michael Fancher retired in 2008. He is the founding director of University of Oregon’s Agora Journalism Center.


Kate Riley   

As Editorial Page Editor of The Seattle Times, Kate Riley works with The Times editorial board to develop the opinion page’s positions on issues. She joined the editorial page in 2002 as a writer and columnist.

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